Part of the wonderful sustainability work at Localfrio is the management of the residues from the Suape units. The monitoring, carried out in partnership with Natureza Viva, comprehends separation of recyclable products and their further commercialization. At terminal I in Suape, there is already “a Residue Center working, with specific bay for residues. At Terminal II, the residues are stored in cages/bags”, Diego Santana from the company´s administrative department says.

With this initiative, Localfrio guarantees the recycling of paper/cardboard, plastic, wood and iron. Only in 2014, 58,519 tons of residues were collected from all units together. Thus, the company gives a good example to its collaborators, incentivizing them to make selective collection either in the company or at home. For this to be done systematically, everyone participates in DSS (Weekly Safety Dialogue), which aims at making the people aware about the importance of the preservation of the environment.