The Localfrio SSMA (Health, Safety and Environment) sector performs intensive works to assure that the residues generated in the unit are duly disposed according to Law No. 12.305, dated 02/08/2010.

According to Diego Santana from the administrative department, the stock of generated residues is submitted to the competent bodies, monthly to CODESP and annually to CETESB, related to the hazardous residues according to CADRI – Certificate of Movement of Residues of Environmental Interest.

In the entire Localfrio Guarujá, there are recyclable product collectors and safe compartments for risk products. In addition, treatment and laboratory analysis of the effluents generated during the vehicles wash (situated in the maintenance area) are carried out before launching to the nature.

In order to avoid any risk of contamination, the SSMA team also carries out water control, either pluvial from the galleries or underground (maintenance monitoring wells), in addition to the sludge accumulated in the yard and on the doors of the chemical warehouses.