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How we operate Quality Certificates


Excellence-driver management
More than performed, quality at Localfrio is also demonstrated: our quality management system comprises management rules and operational procedures that apply to every business activity, and comply with the ISO 9001 guidelines. This system is certified by SGS (Systems & Services Certification).
Quality is our policy
The warehousing of products with bonded procedures demands lots of knowledge over the industry, besides lots of funding in structure, technology and qualification. As a consequence, since the beginning of its operations, quality is vital at Localfrio. Our Quality Policy is well-known, practiced and maintained by all employees in every procedure. Many best practices already implemented in the company nowadays represent very important innovations before the market..


Quality with many certificates

These are the main certificates that show our excellence level:


Localfrio S.A. was the first bonded terminal to be granted with international certificate ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) for all its services, certified by SGS (Systems & Services Certification).


Always concerned with preserving the environment, Localfrio S.A. was granted the ISO 14001 (Environment Management System) certificate for its Guarujá Bonded Terminal I unit as of March, 2009. Environment compliance in our operations and activities is monitored regularly, as licensed by Ministry of Environment and CETESB.


Following the TOTAL QUALITY policy, Localfrio Guarujá Bonded Terminal I was granted the OHSAS 18001 (Labor Safety and Health) certification in March, 2009.


Hazardous materials-wise, Localfrio S.A. is certified in permanent fashion to work with:
• Chemical products, in general;
• Controlled chemical products (commercial, transportation, and closed depot);
• Controlled products (Ministry of Defense).


Localfrio S.A. has a veterinarian and pharmacists as collaborators, responsible for Certifications of Technical Responsibility requested by public agencies that monitor and assess our business. We make sure that such products are always stored in compliance with every guideline and appropriate conditions.


The company is duly enrolled in ANVISA and MAPA agencies for the storage of dry, wet, refrigerated and frozen food, besides being certified by MAPA for the export of several classes of products of animal origin, for demanding markets as the European Union, Russia, among others.


Localfrio Guarujá Bonded Terminal I facilities wholly comply with the Plan of Public Security of Ports (ISPS-Code), which is aligned with the most demanding international standards.


Always searching for new challenges and horizons, Localfrio S.A. has achieved the Port Operator Certification, in compliance with the technical specifications needed.