Unit obtains progress compared to the same period in 2015

In the first two months 2016, Localfrio Suape recorded 20% growth in revenues compared to the same period last year. The unit, situated at the coast of Pernambuco, is composed of two terminals, one bonded and one general freight warehouse, and a transport company.

In this difficult recession scenario – more than 3% drop in the national GDP is estimated – the spot operations with active customers and new accounts were the main responsible for the recorded increase. The big highlight is the Transport unit, which doubled its revenues in the period with additional freight. This is a result from the investment in new fleet, improvement in the operational systems, as well as engagement of the commercial department in seeking potential markets, such as indivisible load operations.

The superintendent of Localfrio Suape Ricardo Oshiro exalts the improvements in infrastructure made by Localfrio. “The growth and the maturity of our human assets, providing higher integration among the areas, in addition to improvement processes implemented by the operational management continuously, contribute for the customers to rely on our work more”, he comments.

For Oshiro, the development of the Northeast Region also contributed to the good revenues in the first two months. “The growth of the wind industry and the increase of the cabotage in the region contributed for closing new businesses”, he explains.

Another important point is the currency exchange situation, which is unfavorable for import, but which has been favoring the export of Brazilian products a lot. “We closed big operations aimed at the foreign market. The handling and storage of 51 wind blades destined to the United States is an example of this kind of work”, Oshiro comments.