Internationally recognized, the certification brings more agility and safety in international trade

Localfrio has just conquered certification for Authorized Economic Operator (OEA) from the Brazilian Federal Revenues Agency. This certification, the first in the port segment, granted to the Bonded Terminal I in Suape, is recognized by more than 64 countries, which adhere to the OEA Program and assures higher reliability, safety and agility in international trade.

The Brazilian OEA Program certifies the intervening agents from the logistics chain, which represent low degree of risk in their operations, either in terms of physical safety of the loads or in fulfillment of their customs obligations. The expectation of the Federal Revenues Agency is for Brazil to be recognized as a global leader in the control and the management of foreign trade flows by means of its OEA Program by 2019.

Among the competitive advantages to be an Authorized Economic Operator are: be exempted from the requirements in enabling or application of special customs regimens, which have already been fulfilled in the OEA certification procedure; benefit from mutually recognized agreements signed by the customs authorities with other countries; more facility in legitimate and reliable international trade; attract new investors; assurance of increasing safety during the operations; improvement of the customs controls by means of risk management; strengthening of the company´s brand and image, among others.

Thus, Localfrio has a competitive market differential now, as other companies with the same degree of approval prioritize contracting of OEA certified suppliers.

Another factor, which places the company ahead of the others, is the alliance with the customs, bringing proximity and speeding up the goods export and import processes.

In order to obtain this “assurance seal”, Localfrio elaborated an internal project, which involved many company´s areas, since the operational to the administrative sectors, during 8 months. “The entire certification process was carried out within the Project Management methodology, in partnership with the Processes and Quality sector. This assured the success in the certification and the effective application of the OEA concepts in the company´s routines”, the Localfrio president, Hélio Jr. explains.

Also according to Hélio Jr., the OEA certification gains even more importance and visibility for being a program with voluntary adhesion. “Localfrio was the pioneer in this conquest as well. Thus, the initiative to ask for the certification voluntarily, confirms the fact that we are a company with vision and commitment to safety and agility on the market”.