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Rnvironmental Responsibility Social Responsibility


For Localfrio, to play its role in the society means to be responsible and committed to the nature and the future of the planet. Social-environmental projects are part of our routine, trying to contribute to the sustainable development by means of preservation of the natural resources. There are 60 years of stories and conquests in favor of the nature, which value the preservation of the Brazilian fauna and flora.

Blue Flag – Guarujá

Once again, the Tombo beach received the certification of the Danish institution Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), an entity certified by UN and UNESCO to assess the quality of the water worldwide. The national marinas in Guarujá, Costabella marina in Angra dos Reis, and Prainha in Rio de Janeiro conquered the seal as well.
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Residue Management (Suape)

Part of the wonderful sustainability work at Localfrio is the management of the residues from the Suape units. The monitoring, carried out in partnership with Natureza Viva, comprehends separation of recyclable products and their further commercialization. At terminal I in Suape, there is already “a Residue Center working, with specific bay for residues. At Read more