In 2006, the city at the coast of São Paulo adopted the practices suggested at the United Nations Conference about Environment and Sustainable Development (ECO-92 or Rio-92), held in 1992 with 177 countries. When the Permanent Forum of Guarujá was formed in 2010, Localfrio became a part of the project , suggesting ideas to assure the sustainable development of the region, and it was immortalized in the book Agenda 21 two years later.

According to the criteria adopted at ECO-92, the production sector shall play its role in the strengthening of the social-environmental actions with policies elaborated in partnership with the public power and the civil society. In meetings with representatives from all classes, the problems and the opportunities are discussed to assure the social, cultural, educational, technological, political and economic development all over the world.

By means of an action plan, the forces that move cities and States can overcome the environmental challenges and assure the preservation of the ecosystems, and consequently, the entire planet, for the future generations.