[:pb]Full Time Sports, the team of Eduardo Rocha Filho, invited Cacá Bueno to the doubles championship. Cacá Bueno is five-time champion of Stock Car and one of the greatest stars of racing in Brazil and alongside with Eduardo (sponsored by Localfrio) in a Honda Civic, will turn the heat on the third stage.

This Sunday (25), the race will have a new round time of 50 minutes instead of the traditional 30 minutes, increasing competitiveness. Showing live on Band television channel and covered by Terra portal, this race will be one of the most well-round of the year with so many talents driving in the category.

Eduardo Rocha is happy to share the car and believes the outcome will be good for them. “We expect to be among the first positions with this car. First things first, this can happen because of Cacá’s help. Also, because this is a track I’m already familiar with.”, Eduardo said. The race takes place this Sunday at 11:25 AM, a great challenge that will test our champions once again and make the fans smile.
[:en]A equipe de Eduardo Rocha Filho, a Full Time Sports, convidou Cacá Bueno para a competição de duplas. Ele é pentacampeão da Stock Car e uma das grandes estrelas do automobilismo brasileiro e, ao lado de Eduardo (patrocinado pela Localfrio) no Honda Civic, promete esquentar a disputa da terceira etapa. Leia Mais